Saturday, July 19, 2008

well, it's official. this is happening.

We just got the letter from the insurance company saying they'd cover 80% of my surgery costs. That means this thing is really happening. I'm quite scared, even though I have a long time before my surgery.

the beginning of my journey.

Hey, kiddos. Well... over the course of the two years I've had braces, I've had one expander. It gave me one of the worst experiences ever. The lady who was putting it in couldn't get it in. So, she got it about half way in, then took it out, and did so about 5 times before the expander successfully went in. I had to go to the ER later that night to get a shot of morphine, because I was in an outrageous amount of pain.

And guess what? I get to have ANOTHER expander put in next Tuesday. How glorious! This means I will get to listen to the new Miley Cyrus CD (yeah, I'm a fan... get over it) and watch The Secret Life of the American Teenager while in sheer agony. 

I'll post again after I get the darn thing put in to let you all know how fun my adventure was.